The Resource Page

Our aim is to equip you with the skills and the tools to create your own productions.  Check out what resources are available to you at CATV and online.

Canon video camera
CATV’s facilities and equipment are available for the public to use for free. Some items may be borrowed from our lending library, while others may only be used on site. Learn more about the Edit Lab & Live Multi-Camera StudioVideo production equipment; and Audio equipment at CATV. 

question mark
How do I balance audio levels?  What does de-interlace mean?  How do I add text to my video in Final Cut Pro? Videography is not always intuitive, if a CATV staff member isn’t around to assist you, use this handy guide, Videography 101, to help answer those questions.  We’re happy to have your feedback, let us know if you think there are other items that should be included in this document.

Music can heighten the emotional elements of a scene or provide an additional texture to make a video feel more complete.  At CATV, we live and breathe video, but we think it’s music that makes the sun rise.
Did you know that is an interactive library of free, downloadable audio files?  A number of the music files available on this website may be used in your video productions, however permission to use those files is granted on an invitation basis.  Confirm if you may use the music in your project and cite the artist appropriately!

Mom always said to ask permission first and we think that’s good policy.  If you capture a person photographically, on video or audio and intend to distribute that material you should get their formal permission, not only because it’s polite to do so, but also because it will protect you and your production if your talent decides later they don’t want their likeness in your film.  Here is a link to a CATV specific Talent Release Form (there are generic forms available online).