CATV is looking for volunteers to assist our staff with recording local events and studio productions.
Volunteers are taught a wide variety of multimedia skills including camera technique, basic interviewing, multi-camera switching, and editing. Please contact us for more information on how you can become a volunteer.


CATV Opportunities

Government Meetings

Contact us to film the local Selectboard and Schoolboard meetings. This is a great way for beginners to learn videography and the basics of camera work and audio mixing. Government Videographers are payed fifteen dollars an hour to tape meetings.

Produce Your Own Show

Write a screen play, shoot a documentary, interview local people and businesses, start a cooking show or a late night talk show. After a brief training session you may sign out a camera and tripod and be as creative as you wish. In return, we air your show on our channel’s 8 and 10.

CATV staff are here, Monday through Friday, to teach you how to edit your own projects with Final Cut Pro or Express! Sign out a camera and film a local event or just shoot your own footage. Then, come back to our classroom and we can help you turn your raw footage into a brilliant program. Contact us anytime to make an appointment.

Tip Top Studio: (802) 295-6688