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Cast Away This Summer with Crowdsourced Cinema

Sign up to produce a scene from a famous film! Take creative license with casting and film techniques, and make the scene your own! The scenes are then assembled into a complete film that is uniquely crowd-made.

This summer, we will recreate “Cast Away.” You remember, Tom Hanks and his best bud, Wilson marooned on a tropical island—talk about social distancing!?!?!


Each team is assigned a scene from the film to interpret creatively – it could be filmed with live action, animation, remix, puppetry, and other visual styles. Scenes should contain similar dialog and action to the original movie, and be close to the original runtime – remember each scene is part of a bigger project. We encourage teams to look at the film with new eyes, which may mean adapting language, challenging cultural norms, and updating cultural references. Scenes cannot contain any copyrighted images or audio.


Scenes will be handed out on a rolling basis until they are gone. You snooze, you don’t necessarily lose. We’ll keep a waiting list of additional teams in case a team drops out. Scenes with content for general audiences and families with young children will be reserved for Summer Youth Programs.

Register at


We are also seeking musicians and composers to contribute new music to our remake! Since the original film soundtrack is copyrighted, we will need new music for several scenes. If you are a musician or composer interested in participating, register at


June 26 – Application Open REGISTER NOW

July 17 – Scenes Assigned (and continues on a rolling basis)

September 18 – Scenes Due

September 25 – Soundtrack Due

Crowdsourced Cinema VT is a project of the Vermont Access Network, (VAN), a membership organization of the 25 regional Community Media Access Centers operating more than 80 local cable channels across Vermont. CATV is a member of this association. VAN Members use emerging communications technologies to foster free speech, encourage civic engagement, enhance public discourse, and allow elected officials and community members to communicate better. VAN collaborates on this project with the original Crowdsourced Cinema, a public art project created and managed by Northampton Open Media.


2020 Halloween-o-thon

Final Films Due October 15, 2020

Thrill us and chill us in this year’s CATV Halloween-o-thon Film Competition by reimagining the BAD WITCH as a scary story element in your original five-minute film. 

How will you interpret this creepy character(s)? 

  • How will she add to the evil that befalls your horror story?
  • What are her motivations in your story? Sinister, vengeful, murderous, devious, hungry?
  • How does she appear? Young, old, beautiful, haggish, or perhaps invisible?
  • What makes her formidable? Powers of necromancy, voyeurism, telepathy, seduction?
  • Does she have a familiar? Cat, frog, dog, crow?

This is an opportunity to reimagine.  So no stereotypic green faces and pointy witch hats please…and good witches need not apply.

Rules & RegulationsRegistration
Witch Stereotype Istock 512043855