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Welcome to Shelf Help, a podcast where booksellers help you answer one of life’s trickier – and we’d argue extremely important – questions: What should you read next?  If you’ve got a reading dilemma, you can email us a question or voice memo at We’re here to help your shelves!

Shelf Help is a collaboration between the Book Jam, a nonprofit designed to inspire readers; CATV Upper Valley media community; three Upper Valley bookstores: Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, VT; the Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, VT; and Still North Books & Bar in Hanover, NH.

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Episode 5 – May’s Mental Health Awareness Month provides the inspiration for Episode 5. We promise it is not depressing, but instead filled with hope, help, and healing.

Episode 4 – Episode 4 provides gardening inspiration and some great gardening tips to help us all fully embrace spring and summer.

Episode 3 – Episode 3 honors April’s poetry month with a selection of poetry from each bookseller. You will be inspired to read each recommendation.

Episode 2 – In episode 2, we asked the booksellers to choose one book that they recommend to anyone looking for a good book. You will love this list and this discussion.

Episode 1 – In episode 1, we introduce each of the Shelf Help booksellers by asking each to review a book that best represents them. What results is a great list of books and some fun insight into the Shelf Help booksellers who will be recommending books on future episodes.

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