CATV Exists to Empower the People

We are committed to promote free speech, civic engagement, and public dialog by enabling easy access to the expanding & ever-changing media world.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive filmmaking equipment—there’s video equipment here, waiting for anyone and everyone in the community to use, 100% free.

You don’t have to blow tons of money on a four-year film school—CATV has staff whose job it is to teach you how to produce a show, 100% free.

You don’t have to schmooze with TV network executives to get your show to play on television—everything you make goes on either CATV’s public channel or arts and education channel, and on If you want to have a broader distribution, CATV is part of NH & VT media exchanges.

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Who is eligible?

Residents of CATV’s service area have full access to facilities and equipment at no charge.  2021 service area includes:  Hartford, Hartland and Norwich VT and Hanover NH

Residents of neighboring towns are welcome to join CATV.  Members benefit from full access to our facilities and equipment:

  • Individual membership – $40/year
  • Non-profit Organization – $150/year

Are there any restrictions on what I can make?

All content must be noncommercial according to FCC regulations for public media.  For example, you can make a music video for your friend’s band and say, “Go to this website for more information,” but you cannot actively solicit funds by saying, “Buy their album for $9.95.”  (Exceptions exist for nonprofit causes. Consult with CATV executive director before filming.)

Keep It Tight:  G-rated shows and shows either just under 30 minutes or just under 1 hour in length get aired more frequently.  It’s got to fit and be fitting to get the best broadcast slots.

Do It Right:  Shows must be submitted with completed Show Production Agreement and Image-Audio Releases from any on-air talent.

Produce a Studio Show

CATV’s mission is to make sure everyone has access to lift their voices. So it is a fairly easy process to create an in-studio show because the CATV crew will assist you as your production crew.  BUT if you want to learn all aspects of studio production, we are happy to train you and your team of volunteers. Either option, please call CATV to consult on your studio show needs and to schedule studio time. Note that there are very few evening times available, so plan ahead.

Audio-Video Equipment Lending Library

If you reside in one of CATV’s coverage towns, you are welcome to borrow A/V equipment at no cost to produce projects that will air on CATV.  Note that the end result should be an airable show that you provide to the media center.

  1. Know what you want to record. Do pre-production coordination, so it is clear to CATV staff what you are trying to accomplish and the dates you need equipment.
  2. Consult with the CATV equipment coordinator to discuss your project, any training and equipment you will need. Call during office hours at (802) 359-4705.
  3. Indicate the exact dates you want to reserve equipment. Limit your reservation to a few days. There is high demand for equipment, especially on weekends and around film competitions.
  4. Bring your driver’s license or passport. When lending equipment, CATV needs to copy your official ID, and get your current address, phone number and your signature on a promise to abide by the lending library rules.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.