Samantha Davidson Green 3

Samantha Davidson Green, Executive Director

Samantha joins CATV as an independent filmmaker with a background in public media and education and deep roots in the Upper Valley, where she is dedicated to nurturing the uniquely rich civic and cultural life that characterizes our community.  • (802) 359-4705


Chico Eastridge, Technical Director & Senior Producer

Chico Eastridge is responsible for in-studio productions and education. Chico is a professional formula-1 race car driver, with a sexy accent, and a devil may care attitude. From humble roots, amongst the vineyards of Burgundy, Chico Eastridge tinkered with the emerging e-commerce market and became disgustingly rich. After graduating from his nautical high school, which traveled the world via outrigger canoe, Chico attended Brown University where he majored in sword fighting, minored in back flips, and had more fun than just about anybody. You can find him nowadays staring listlessly into space with a smug expression on his face.  •  (802) 359-4705


George Spencer, Director of Programming

George creates the on-air schedule for CATV’s cable channels and seeks new program sources for CATV’s streaming services, social media and weekly highlights. His documentary “shorts” series, based on his book “Courage 101,” may be watched through the CATV Video On-demand library. George has spoken as an AVA Mudroom storyteller, performs in theatrical events with the Parish Players, and is the former Executive Editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.  •  (802) 359-4705


Nick Arvizu, Programming & Production Assistant

Nick helps out where help is needed. Part time assistant, scheduler, and editor. He searched for this position in hopes to fulfill his destiny in the film industry. Nick is one of those ‘writers’ that has yet to put pen to paper. Big dreams of one day writing a script for film or joining a writers room. Nick has had a few side gigs of ‘acting’ over the years. He has done background work on films such as Grown Ups, Here Comes the Boom, Detroit (2017) and a couple others. He also hosts a podcast about bad movies.  •  (802) 359-4705

CATV Producers

For information on joining the CATV crew, please contact:  .  (802) 359-4705

CATV’s crew of skilled producers film municipal and school meetings, community events, and original programs for cable and streaming.

David Eric

Jan Abbott

Jefferson Everest Crawford

Loren Howard

Chris Lehmann, Production Intern/Trainee

Richard Neugass

Cedar O’Dowd

Simon Reed, Production Intern/Trainee

Quinn Thomashow