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Independent Producer Training

Write and shoot a show script, shoot a documentary, interview local people and businesses or produce a talk show series. CATV can help you with any of these video projects. Our overall goal is to guide you in the creation process, so you are empowered to produce future videos independently.

Once you have created your video, CATV will air it on our various distribution channels—cable TV and CATV website channel stream and video on-demand library.


Pre-production Phase:

  • First you need to have a discussion with a CATV staff member so we better understand what you are trying to accomplish.
  • We can then advise you on what preproduction and production processes will be most efficient and what production equipment you may need to accomplish your project.
  • Then set up time with the CATV educator to train you on how to use that AV equipment effectively.
  • If you reside in one of the four communities that CATV supports, you can borrow equipment at no cost. You will need to provide us with your driver’s license or official state ID in order to borrow AV equipment.
  • We recommend that you borrow the equipment to practice before you need to use it for your project.
  • Once you have practiced, feel free to set-up time with the educator to discuss your discoveries and issues. This helps sort through technical snafus and better informs you about equipment usage, to ensure your production shoot goes smoothly.

Production Phase:

  • The production process is the part of a project where you capture both audio and video footage. This is the step where CATV is not there for you if you are shooting in the field–you do this step on your own. If your production includes a studio shoot, we can assist you with your production.
  • Once your footage is gathered, you return equipment to CATV. CATV staff will load the footage on a shared independent producer hard drive. Note that CATV wipes the hard drives clean after six (6) months. So take care to create a final production within that six months.

Post Production Phase:

  • If you want to edit your production at the CATV facility, reserve edit suite time by calling the CATV office.
  • If you want to learn on iMovie (a software program provided with Mac computers) or Final Cut Pro X, we can train you. You need to schedule one-on-one training with the CATV education coordinator.
  • Once you have had your initial edit training, please consider watching editing tutorial videos available on the internet, to gather more info about the editing process.
  • We find that independent producers who try to work independently in our edit classroom and ask questions as they arise seem to retain what they have been taught.
  • To submit a show, see details at the Produce tab on the website.

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