Hero Volunteer Behind The Camera

Record Community Events

Do you like engaging author talks, compelling science lectures, melodious musical performances, exciting sporting events? Whatever the community event, CATV loves volunteers who love filming events that interest them. Since our small crew can’t be everywhere, we depend on volunteers to bring us footage from out in the community.

CATV provides you with field training and equipment to record. If you are interested in becoming a community event videographer, contact us at info@catv8.org. Also, if you want to learn how to edit your footage, we can help you with that too.

Design Bulletin Board Art

CATV is always in need of volunteers who can prepare community bulletin board art. You gather information from town websites and press releases to create local government and non-profit still art bulletins that rotate between shows. You can prep these as PowerPoint or Word Docs, or if you want to hone your skills in Photoshop, we would be glad to benefit from your time. Contact us at info@catv8.org.

Volunteer Design Bulletin Boart Art Istock 658717670

Edit Videos

Help the CATV crew with our production flow by editing a show or two…or three…or maybe four. We can teach you good production habits and edit shortcuts using Final Cut Pro X. Honing these media job skills is an investment in you, and your community benefits too. Contact us at info@catv8.org.

Putter Around the Office

CATV needs general office help on Mondays and Fridays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, or any part thereof. Answer the phones, direct questions, work on basic marketing and social media projects, and download digital files—all invaluable tasks at the CATV office. Contact us at info@catv8.org.

Produce Indie Producer
Produce Lindacarbino Instudio

Produce a Show

Our favorite volunteer projects include community members who want to produce shows. Produce a short movie or documentary, interview local people or businesses, start a studio show, or produce an episode of “A Closer Look”—whatever your interest, we love when you take time to create. We then air your show on CATV’s cable TV and internet distribution channels. Contact us at info@catv8.org.